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If I had to describe myself in a few words, what I would probably say is that I am a overwhelmingly curious kid who always wants to think and operate outside the metaphorical "box". What I mean by that is my whole life I have challenged myself to continue learning what interests me, be it random historical facts, or literally anything that has to do with technology. I have been programming since I was in the 4th grade, starting with the LOGO Language. I then moved onto Scheme, a Lisp-Based Processing Language in the 6th grade, and since then I have broadened my knowledge to include Java, C, C++, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Git, Bash, Vim, Node.js, React,js, and a bit of ASM! Computers are not the only thing I am knowledgeable in, as I have good grades in high school while taking a large number of Advanced Placement Courses (AP) in a variety of subject areas. Currently, I am interning under Dr. A. Selcuk Uluagac in FIU's Cyber-Physical Security Laboratory.


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What I can do on a computer...

Web Development

My first foray into the world of Web Development began in 9th grade, starting with some basic HTML and CSS. Since then, I have learned React.js and Node.js, two of the hottest web frameworks in the world, and have programmed many sites with them, including www.wahsnews.com, which I created for my high school's award winning Broadcast Team and Show. I serve as the WebMaster and Web Developer for Wahs News as I both maintain and program the site.

Robotic Control Systems

I have been working in Full Scale Robotics since the 9th grade. I am the lead Programmer and Electrician for FRC team 2383. In addition to this "unofficial" title, I am officially the Director of the Electrical and Programming Department within the club, sitting on the Board of Directors. I also served, by unanimous decision among the club, as Operator of the Robot during all 4 Regional and World Competitions in 11th grade.

Microcontroller Coder

I have a multitude of experience coding Java,Javscript,Python and C for both the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. I am working on a project called Proviz with the Cyber-Physical Security Lab at FIU, where I interned all of summer 2017, that is sponsored by the National Science Foundation to create and maintain a sensor framework through new-age microcontrollers and conglomerate them together under a new Language for the benefit of scientists worldwide.

Computer Security

Since the start of 11th grade, I have gotten more interested in the internal languages of computers and how its defects can be exploited. I can read Assembly Language to a certain degree and I can exploit buffer and heap overflows as well as some Web Systems

App Development

I learned how to program Android Apps while competing in the prestigious University of Minnesota Hackathon in 2016. I coded an Android App that crowdsourced emergency response and care as well as providing an expedited track to urgent care. I won 2nd place in the competition as the only high schooler in attendance!

API Integration

At the first Hackathon I attended, HackDartmouth III, I created an application that integrated APIs from Google Maps, Crime Reports, as well as using Everquote's native API to find the safest route between destinations. Everquote, the insurance company, was so impressed with my usage of their data that they offered me an In House Interview at their company headquarters in Boston for a full time job.


Experience in...

Physics 1,2,C E/M


Digital Electr. H.

AP Eng. Lang/Lit


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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA